When I fall...

finding Jesus as the lover of my soul
My Journey

A Journey of Discovery

WHEN I FALL is dedicated to all the women who have walked with the Lord throughout much, or at least some, of their lives. They cherished, needed, and relied upon God to sustain and keep them. But now they have entered another season of life. As an empty nester, divorced, widowed, making a career change, or going through some kind of transition, they need more of who Jesus is and wants to be in their lives.

These women are beginning to realize that life no longer satisfies or fulfills them as it once did… and for some, that might include their relationship with the Lord. Life has hurt, disappointed, and left them flat on their face at times, no matter how strong they thought they were or how much they loved Jesus.

WHEN I FALL describes the long, painful journey of discovery in Dwan’s life. It is not so much that she has found herself…she has found Him—Jesus, the lover of her soul—in ways she never dreamed possible.

Everyone’s fall will look different, and it can happen in any season of life. But it is not something to fear, for it is not until you fall that you truly realize that “underneath are his everlasting arms.”  Like Dwan, you can discover Jesus to be the most amazing safety net imaginable.

As a ‘middle-aged’ woman (as defined by culture, not how she sees herself), Dwan believes some of the most soul-satisfying, fulfilling times of her life are ahead—the kind of life in Jesus we all were created for. She truly believes the best with Him is not only for her but for everyone who walks this journey with her